Waterloo Open Official Rules

Conduct Policy

Waterloo Open Conduct Policy

By submitting an entry, or by participating in the Waterloo Jaycees Greater Waterloo Open, the player understands that his participation is at the sole discretion of the WATERLOO OPEN. The player’s entry may be rejected for any event, at the discretion of the Official in Charge, at any time before the close of the competition (as defined in the USGA Rules of Golf Book‐Rule 34‐1b). Unbecoming conduct or actions at the Waterloo Jaycees Greater Waterloo Open, or conduct or action deemed detrimental to the Waterloo Jaycees Greater Waterloo Open, the spirit of the game, or to the host facilities will not be tolerated.

These include, but are not limited to:

  1. ‍Cheating
  2. ‍Willful destruction of golf course or Waterloo Open property
  3. ‍Abusive language or conduct towards Waterloo Open and/or host facility, staff, volunteers, or other players
  4. Abusive or derogatory criticism of the Waterloo Open and/or host facility staff, volunteers, or other players
  5. Club throwing and/or physical endangerment of others
  6. Offensive or excessively loud behavior, including swearing loud enough to be heard by others
  7. Alcohol and/or substance impaired behavior
  8. Repeated withdrawals or no cards during or after completion of a round
  9. Inappropriate golf attire
  10. Other conduct deemed by the Committee to be unbecoming

In most cases one warning for unbecoming conduct will be given before disqualification. However, any actions deemed excessive by the Official in Charge may result in immediate disqualification from the event. If a player is disqualified a report shall be given to the Rules and Competitions Committee where further sanctions may be imposed. Sanctions may range from a letter of reprimand and probation to suspension from future Waterloo Open events for a period of time. Sanctions may also include withdrawal of eligibility for Waterloo Open team competitions and/or player awards. This may include losing exempt status for future year(s). Incidents judged to be of a serious nature may be referred to the Waterloo Open Committee, whose decision shall be final.